Glen Johnson: Sciatica SOS - My Review. 

Gave the program a shot after reading Steam Spoils Review. Sciatica is known also as sciatica neuritis, and can best be described as a sharp shooting pain jolting from your lower back all the way down to your legs and even Achilles tendon. Once you have it you know you have it, although it has been commonly associated or just confused with a herniated disc. The discomfort that you fill on your back or down your leg can gradually increase the longer you go without seeking treatment for sciatica. Symptoms tend to also only be on one side of your body giving you a general feeling of unbalance. Sciatica pain is known to get worse as reflection midsection, sit down, lay down, cough, or sneeze. Pretty much any sudden movements can set off a sharp pain caused by your sciatica. Sciatica is also known to get a numbness or weakness in your legs and lower back. Sciatica is a wildcard. Symptoms can occur fast and disappear even quicker, or it can start up from a seemingly innocent accident and remain in your life for an extended period of time.

One man who had to figure this out the hard way was Glen Johnson, an average guy who found himself diagnosed with sciatica at the age of 41. After being diagnosed he spent two years trying to treated with repeated visits to his chiropractor, and medications (over-the-counter). What he found was that he saw very little change in his symptoms over a period of two years. Then one day his wife introduced into a friend who gave him a muscle relaxing tea and he was shocked as his symptoms were almost immediately alleviated. Then as he continued to take the T, he saw an eradication of his sciatica over the period of a week.

It is because of this experience that he created the sciatica SOS program to help people understand what exactly he did to get rid of his sciatica and why worked. Sciatica SOS (click here to see a review) is basically based on this one muscle relaxing tea. Johnson describes in the book why does the work so well for him (because it relaxes the muscles and it's all natural), and then guides you through using a similar method to deal with your own sciatica. This sort of treatment targets your joints, muscles, ligaments, and nerves directly and brings stronger balance to them instead of just strengthening the muscle around them like typical pharmaceutical treatments would. If you find yourself dealing with any sort of sciatic nerve pain I would highly suggest you pick up this book right now. It solved all of my sciatica problems.

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